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Equity Built in with Rehab

Invest with Your Retirement Account

Monthly Cash Flow

  • ALL IN: $69,000
  • RENT: $1,095
  • NET: $657
  • CASH ON CASH ROI: 11.42%
  • APPRAISED VALUE: $75,000

5412 N 42ND ST


  • ALL IN: $64,000
  • RENT: $895
  • NET: $616
  • CASH ON CASH ROI: 11.55%
  • APPRAISED VALUE: $70,000

Invest Where Returns Are Best, With Already Established Professionals

Principle Pay Down by Tenant

People tell me all the time that they want to invest in real estate. Managing real estate deals is arduous! People can lose a lot of time, have lost opportunity, and experience the worst; money loss when doing real estate incorrectly. Screening tenants is one the most difficult parts of the business. Let us do that for you!

With Strategic partnerships and alliances, Jensen RE Group provides any investor of any background the real estate projects fully managed and with the simplified process for quality returns. Investors with us experience the same upside that a real estate entrepreneurs and developers have!

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Did you know that you can invest your retirement accounts in real estate? It has to be done the right way, but you can mitigate a lot of tax liability and gains taxes by investing through an IRA or 401k. Once they are set up with a self directed custodian, you can continue to use those funds in a true wealth building vehicle; Real Estate!


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